About us

Trusted communications partners.

“Our mission is to tell your story to the people that matter in a way they understand. Enhancing your reputation and maximising your opportunity.”

The communications landscape has never been more complex; new media channels launch every day, individual investors are demanding equal treatment to institutions, and audiences such as employees and community groups speak with a far louder voice.

Add to this that, alongside financial performance, sustainable business is core to investment decision making - never before have senior management been under the level of scrutiny they are today.

Our philosophy is to ensure we are always ahead of the rapidly evolving needs and demands of the investment community. We are communications experts you can trust, delivering results that make a difference.


The way we work is simple - we give genuine, no-nonsense advice that is going to make a real difference. Then we roll up our sleeves and make that advice a reality.

Our sole focus is on financial and corporate communications, we leave everything else to selected partners. That way we can concentrate on doing what we do best.

Our values

The characteristics by which we judge ourselves and expect to see reflected in the companies we represent


A key characteristic in the businesses we look to represent, the ambition to make Alma the very best that it can be drives us all forward. We invest in people, draw inspiration from those around us and challenge ourselves to improve.


For advice to be meaningful it needs to be delivered with integrity and without motive. We greatly value reciprocal trust, enabling us to deliver the right results, no matter the situation.


We recognise that individuals and businesses alike experience peaks and troughs. Our collaborative approach, internally and with clients, means that we can celebrate the successes and endure the challenges together.


A determination to meet the high standards that we set ourselves and upon which we expect to be judged. We work hard and deliver what we promise.


A love of what we do, a desire to make a difference and the enjoyment of success is integral to our outstanding client and staff retention rates.


We prioritise inclusivity, valuing every colleague's contribution and also supporting local charities that create a meaningful impact. As part of the wider drive towards net zero, we also take pride in actively working to reduce our emissions.