Alasdair Haynes

Our spotlight this month falls on Alasdair Haynes. Alasdair is the CEO and founder of Aquis Exchange PLC (owner of the Aquis Stock Exchange).

August 2023

One of only two regulated stock exchanges in the UK, the Aquis Stock Exchange is focused on powering growth companies of the future - it works to make markets more accessible, simple and efficient, and is constantly developing and innovating to improve the status quo.

What are the key themes you are looking at the moment?

  1. The importance of retail within the financial markets and how we can facilitate more efficient and effective access.
  2. The scale up capital problem in the UK – more than ever, we need to get capital to growing businesses but we lack the infrastructure and regulatory environment to do so effectively.
  3. Radical changes taking place in technology and how it can impact both trading and settlement.

What are the main issues PLCs should be thinking about now?

Liquidity definitely, especially for smaller businesses. Current market conditions are making it extremely difficult to raise money, which in turn is making it hard to do deals. Smaller growth companies, especially those who are not yet profitable, are most likely grappling with survival.

PLCs need to be thinking about how they maintain their valuation and liquidity can be a key part of that.

Times are tough at the moment and I worry that markets and the economy could be in a bad place for quite some time, longer than we expect.

What has been the most interesting thing you’ve read/watched recently?

Really interesting to see a significant breakthrough in diagnosis of prostate cancer last week with the introduction of MRI scans to the screening process. If found early, prostate cancer is extremely treatable so any advances in national screening are incredibly good news – as a former cancer patient, I would strongly encourage anyone aged 50+ who hasn’t been screened to do so.

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