Tessa McCann

This month, under the Alma Spotlight, we are thrilled to feature Tessa McCann, Head of Strategic Relationships for CNBC Europe.


May 2024

Over your career, what are some of the key changes or developments you’ve seen within the media landscape, particularly broadcast?

Over the past two decades, the media landscape has undergone an array of transformative changes, especially in broadcast media. The rise of digital streaming platforms, the development of smart phones and the growth of social media has changed how audiences consume and create content. CNBC has been at the forefront of these changes and has adapted strategies to engage audiences across multiple platforms and across multiple time zones.

One of the biggest catalysts for change in the broadcast industry in recent years was COVID. The sudden change in the way we worked helped to accelerate technical developments. In a short space of time, we went from a hybrid live format to almost exclusively broadcasting from various non-studio setups. Through this we were able to give newsmakers the ability to talk to us directly from their living rooms and offices instead of always coming into our studios.

For CNBC, we are on an exciting path looking at expanding our approach to events from both an in-person and remote experience. We are integrating our various cross platform offerings to facilitate the whole experience for the viewer and audience.

Has this had any influence on your role or the type of guests you look to build into the programmes?

Technological advances in broadcasting have only increased our access to newsmakers and key guests around the world. The guests we book onto our programmes and in our events are ever evolving and changing. News cycles and agendas are constantly moving, no matter if it is 2003 or 2023. CNBC is always looking for a diverse array of voices, perspective and expertise; that’s what makes us 'first in business news worldwide.’

What are some key themes you expect to shape the business agenda in the near-term?

We are committed to covering developments in finance and business with expertise, context and a global view to help people understand how news in one company or country has a direct or indirect impact on industries and consumers around the world.

  1. Elections - implications of the slew of elections around the globe on the economy, market and society.
  2. Technology – where the industry is heading, AI, Crypto currencies.
  3. Geopolitics – how wider political news is impacting the broader economy and supply chains
  4. Rate policy – how global central banks are adjusting their interest rate policy this year
  5. India and China – we follow the latest developments in these two economic powerhouses

Who in particular has inspired you – e.g. teacher, public figure, family member’?

My mother has been a constant source of inspiration for me throughout my life. She’s taught me the importance of working hard to achieve your goals but that it’s equally important to find joy in the journey. Seeing her navigate obstacles with grace and determination has instilled in me an importance of perseverance and resilience.

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