Paul Brotherhood

Our spotlight this month falls on Paul Brotherhood, COO and co-founder of Investor Meet Company (IMC) and BookBuild.

IMC is the largest investor engagement platform in the UK, the platform gives retail investors the ability to form part of an issuers investor roadshow and AGM. BookBuild is a B2B platform enabling the inclusion of retail investors in capital raises and IPOs, managed by the investment bank and directly connected to major intermediaries in the UK.

April 2024

How do you feel about the markets in general at the moment?

Amidst the flurry of opinions on the current market landscape it is essential to maintain a balanced perspective. While it's easy to succumb to pessimism, especially with the prevalent narrative of London's market woes and the exodus of issuers to the US, you have to acknowledge the strengths and opportunities present.

I do think the increasing bureaucracy and regulatory hurdles are a cause for concern. Rather than erecting barriers, we should be fostering an environment that encourages broader investor participation, thus enhancing market vibrancy and accessibility.

Despite the challenges, the current market dynamics present plentiful opportunities. The surge in takeover announcements this month alone underscores the significant value propositions within the UK market. The willingness of private equity firms and industry players to pay substantial premiums for companies demonstrates the significant mispricing and opportunity we have here in the UK.

What would be your three main pieces of advice for management teams as they think about how best to navigate the public markets?

Articulate Your Story in Three Steps: What, How, Why

Capture investors' interest by concisely outlining your business'. Start with what you do, delve into how you do it differently or uniquely, and finally, explain why it matters. This seemingly simple framework is incredibly effective. Too often, companies dive straight into the details, assuming prior knowledge. However, it's essential to remind investors of the main reasons to invest in your company. By encapsulating your narrative in a slide or two within your investor deck, you significantly enhance your chances of attracting attention. Remember, investors encounter numerous companies, so crafting a compelling story is key to standing out.

Engage All Market Participants

Visualise your market engagement as an inverted triangle, encompassing large investors at the top, mid-tier investors in the middle, and retail investors at the base. While it's crucial to allocate time to engage with major investors, neglecting the mid-tier and retail segments can be detrimental, which is one of the reasons we created Investor Meet Company. These marginal buyers often influence daily share prices, emphasising the importance of broad market outreach. By fostering connections across all investor tiers, you can enhance liquidity, trading volume, and ultimately, market perception.

Invest in Marketing Your Investment Case

Consider this: how much do you invest in marketing your products or services compared to how much you invest in marketing, presenting, and articulating your business as an investment opportunity? Failure to allocate resources to the latter can result in reduced access to capital, mispricing of shares, and diminished trading activity. With management teams and staff in the majority incentivised by share options, your share price is your currency, so invest in it, if you are not articulating and controlling your narrative then who is.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or watched recently? (we ask this to everyone)

I love audio books and listen to them on the way to the office. "Be Useful" by Arnold Schwarzenegger: a fascinating story of his life, showcasing the belief that with unwavering determination, any goal is attainable, a very interesting and complex character.

  1. The 3 Minute Rule, by Brant Pinvidic - For those seeking to refine their investment pitch, this is a must read. Written by an award winning film director and TV producer, It offers practical guidance to get you pitch perfect!
  2. Unknown Killer Robots - If you want to get freaked out that the Terminator will come to life, watch it. AI at its most scary!
  3. Quarterback - Despite not being an avid fan of American football, this fly-on-the-wall documentary of the journey to the Super Bowl shows you just what the players put themselves through physically, it's very inspiring.

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