Peter McNally

Welcome to the very first Alma Spotlight, an opportunity to hear current insight from a leading commentator within the Alma network. Our first interviewee is Peter McNally, a technology equity research analyst at Stifel.


July 2023

What are the key themes you are looking at the moment?

The main themes that are dominating the market in our view is what effect AI/ML will have on companies going forward, as well as IT demand given the macro-backdrop. Although demand has reduced in the last year, and vendors are having to work much harder to maintain growth, it has not fallen off a cliff, which is good news.

What are the main issues PLCs should be thinking about at the moment?

We think PLCs have to retain a relentless focus on governance. Investors’ attention to it has increased in the last few years and its likely to continue to rise going forward. This is also true of Environmental and Social.

What has been the most interesting thing you’ve read/watched recently?

The most interesting thing I have watched recently was an interview we did with an expert speaker who worked at Google for nine years as product manager for Google AI, Brain and LaMDA, its large language model competitor to OpenAI. It was an eye-opening insight to the pace of development and implications for the industry and all companies.

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